St. Boniface Church, Bonchurch.

Church organ - St Boniface Parish Church
The two-manual Forster and Andrew Organ remains virtually as it was left when it was built in 1872. To accommodate the organ, an Eastern Transept was added.
The organ a typical forthright but clear sound which is so typical of Forster and Andrew‘s work. Here, then, is an instrument with some weight and clarity, in spite of being hidden in the Chancel.
The organ was restored in 1995, with the addition of a Trumpet on the Great Manual. The whole consists of three energetic reeds and some beautiful string voicing. Its case was brought out on a canopy in the 1930‘s - they are the Open Diapason pipes.
The Organists were Elizabeth Sewell, then a succession of Lieut. Colonels. In 1921, the renowned Miss Gladys Williams (LRSM) was organist and choir mistress of 19 boys and men until 1978. Mr. Ian D. Snow took over the same post until 2006. Dr. Roy Massey has played the organ for a Recital in the 1980‘s, and the legendary Miss E. Black of Brading has also been known to play this organ in a church where a good musical tradition has been preserved.

George Westcott - Organist for St Boniface, Bonchurch

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Address:- St Boniface Church, Bonchurch Village Road, Bonchurch, Isle of Wight, PO38 1RQ